Kids love riding snowboards and wakeboards but the upcoming season is definitely of the snowboards so you should get your kid a good present. Have him enjoy the utmost by buying the best kids snowboards of 2018. If you are confused then you should not stay confused anymore since we have the best options available for you and you can get them from within a week.

There are a variety of options available in this list so if you don’t like one, you can always look at other options to search the one which is best for your kid. With that being said, let’s start off with the review on Best kids snowboards of 2020.

1.      Echos Eclipse Skurfer 35 Kid’s Snowboard with Rope Handle – 8.6

The first one in our list is one of the best snowboards for kids. Being 35 inches in length, it can be quite easy for the young riders to ride and maintain proper control.

Young riders also ride better when they find some sort of assistance in the form of a rope handle. A rope handle actually assists the rider in balancing properly without any problems. Moreover, it has an attractive graffiti design which might attract the children.

2.      EmscoGroup Graffiti Snowboard – 8.5

Keeping it simple yet powerful enough for riding, this snowboard is going to help out the kids in having the first few rides of their life. Being made of wood, it is going to be quite strong and will last for a long period of time. This means that you can have a good experience even your usage is kind of rough.

Express yourself by having the design customized as per your requirements easily. Being lightweight, the beginner riders will find it easy to control it. With the step-in bindings, the user will have a comfortable grip as well. The strap will make your feet secure and you will be prepared for a tough ride very soon.

3.      The Face Kid’s Snowboard – 8.3

The face has actually come up with some of the best options and one of them is this snowboard for kids. The combination of steel and wood provide a great amount of strength to this snowboard. There are steel rails and wooden core both of which make it stronger than other common snowboards in the market.

It is one of the best ones for young kids and while riding your child will have confidence because this snowboard is something different. The face has bought a great face to this snowboard since it has a great design as well that can be attractive to the kids.

4.      Flow Micron Kids Mini Snowboard – 8.3

This is a small snowboard which is why it is suitable for all kids aged 4 years and above. Since it is small in size, it is easier to control as well and you can have a better balance. A mini snowboard like this is fine for the price being asked since it allows the users to have a better support while riding since the weight is low.

This board is known for its smoothness and flow. The core is basically true-flex which helps in keeping the weight low and allowing the rider to perform tricks even more easily. It comes with the Optix 2000 base which is a durable one. Girls and boys both would love it!

5.      Rome Shank Youth Snowboard – 7.9

This snowboard is not only designed for the beginners but it is also going to be a great one for intermediate level riders. It comes with an extraordinary flex that will help you in performing stunts and tricks.

With a better look and amazing design, it will help you in becoming a snowboard player. You can easily switch between tip and tail to have a better experience as well. Moreover, it comes with the SuperPop Core Matrix that is basically three zones made up of low-density wood with the combination of extended segments created with Poplar.

6.      Nitro Ripper Kid’s Snowboard – 7.9

The Nitro Rapper is going to be a great one with the features of a flat profile and twin shape. The best thing is that it will assist the young riders in having a stable snowboarding expereince. Moreover, there are going to be softer landings compared to other snowboards.

Coming with one of the best rockers, the ripper has a zero camber profie that means it can be easily maintained. Many can argue that it doesnt have a lot of pop but that it just fine since this is a board made for kids not for adults.

7.      Echos Freeride Style Beginner’s Kid’s Snowboard – 7.8

Echos has designed this 110cm freestyle snowboard for the young ones and has made it a durable one so that you can actually have fun of the freestyle. Have it race down the snow on high speeds and enjoy!

Keep in mind that the maximum weight limit is nearly 100 pounds so this snowboard is going to be best for kids aged between 5 and 8 or 9. One thing is sure that this snowboard is made for those kids who are motivated and prepared to ride a snowboard on high speeds and are not afraid.

8.  Jones Explorer Snowboard – 7.7

The Jones 2017 is a great aggressive snowboard that can help the rider in having a safe as well as durable experience. Users who used his snowboard were quite satisfied and enjoyed the ride at each curve.

Coming with a camber profile, you will find that this board has a better rocker than others. Strong edge hold is there to provide a better balance as well. This means that you will be having a great experience with this snowboard by Jones.

9.      Rossignol Contrast Youth Snowboard with Rossignol Battle V1 Bindings – 7.7

Made for the young snowboarders, it comes with a directional shape as well as a soft flex that makes the users have the best time in the ride. Coming with a wooden core with a lamination of fiberglass, you will see the strength and durability of this snowboard.

Battle B1 bindings are provided in the packages which are adjustable and give the user with a good grip while riding. Both beginners and the intermediate level riders would enjoy it. Bindings are going to be comfortable and will last for a long period of time as well.

10. Burton Chopper Boy’s Snowboard – 7.3

Last but not the least we have the snowboard by Burton Chopper. Designed for young boys, it is easily controllable along with a Biax React fiberglass design.

Available in multiple sizes, this is one of the few boards which comes with a 3-year warranty as well. This basically assures the fact that it has a great quality. If you are looking for the right board for your child, this can be a great choice.


Kids love to ride snowboard as well and we shouldn’t restrict them in having that experience for the fact that they might get injured. Get the right board from the list of best kids snowboards in 2020 and you will surely find out that the board you have bought is suitable and safe enough for your child. Have yours purchased at right away.