Sometimes we are looking for the right product but we don’t have a high budget. Does that mean you cannot find the right product? No! A good quality product is available in several budgets and you can get a good snowboard at a cheap price too.

When it comes to kids, we prefer cheap snowboards since we know that they don’t require any professional features at a beginner stage and that they might not use it the right way as well. Are you looking for snowboards which you can get at an affordable price? Then read the following review on the Best Cheap Snowboards Under $100 in 2020.

1.      Echos Eclipse Skurfer 35 Kid’s Snowboard with Rope Handle – 8.6

For the young beginners, this snowboard seems to be one of the perfect ones since it comes with a rope handle as well which could assist in a proper ride in the initial times. It has a cool graffiti design which would be quite attractive for the young kids as well.

With built-in steel rails, your child would be having one of the best snowboarding experiences. It will be useful in giving them a smooth ride and your child will be motivated towards riding even more. However, keep in mind that it is made for only basic learning and once your kid is done with that, he might not require it anymore.

2.      EmscoGroup Graffiti Snowboard – 8.5

Available at a low-price tag, this is yet another snowboard that is quite simple and made for having a smooth ride. The board is made of wood and comes in a graffiti design as well. Don’t like graffiti? Well, don’t worry because you can have the customization of design done at a nominal cost.

The total weight is only 7.5 pounds which is fine enough. The best part is that it comes with a pair of step-in bindings as well which helps you ride even better. Safely secure your feet and you are all set for a great ride, however, many users complained that there are very limited features in this snowboard.

3.      The Face Kid’s Snowboard – 8.3

Yet another one made for the kids is this snowboard by The Face. Crafted out of steel rails and comes with a wooden core, what else would you be needing? This snowboard is likely to last for a long period of time since it is quite strong and can resist damage as well.

The bindings are not included but the board itself is an amazing one and doesn’t cost you much. It is a fast snowboard and it is available in multiple sizes to assist the young riders in having the right size purchased. Coming with a graphical design, it seems attractive enough.

4.      Snow Daze Beginner’s Snowboard with Rope Handle – 8.3

We personally believe that out of all the five snowboards mentioned here, this one has the best design. Why? Well, it has a textured deck with a dark blue/gray color that makes it cool and attractive. This will help in improving the grip of the beginners who might feel slippery on a normal deck.

Another great thing about this snowboard is the fact that it comes with a rope handle that actually helps the beginners in making the right balance and angle adjustments. Considered as ideal for anybody aged 5 or above, this can be a perfect gift for anyone as it costs cheap and built in an excellent manner as well.

5.      Echos Freeride Style Beginner’s Kid’s Snowboard – 7.8

110cm is the length of this snowboard and it is basically a freestyle snowboard. Designed for passionate and motivated kids, this snowboard can be a great one due to the low weight of 3.4 pounds only. This will help in better control and learning stunts as well.

It is made for kids and that is evident from the fact that the maximum weight limit is only 100 pounds. With the sharp cut edges, the rider would be able to manage the balance better on sharp edges. Customers who bought this snowboard found it to be an amazing one except for the fact that it doesn’t come with any sort of bindings.


With so many high-priced options in the market, the following are slightly low priced yet provide the same amazing experience to all those who use them in the right way. The Best Cheap Snowboards under $100 in 2020 will be the best for any beginner or a young rider! Get yours now from