Snowboards are one of the best things when it comes to entertainment and sports both. Men love snowboarding more than woman since it is slightly dangerous and an enthusiastic form of sport. The game of snowboarding gets better when you have a snowboard that is on the top lists.

But what is that? The answer is easily available in the review of the Top 10 Men’s Snowboards in 2020 below. You can have a look at the following 10 and then decide one which suits your skill level, height, and size of the snowboard.

1.      Yes. 20/20 Men’s Snowboard – 9.9

The Yes. 20/20 Men’s snowboard is very light weighted and is available in only one color. It has a true twin shape and is made up of weightless core. It is powered by a powder hull bend and a flex of 4/5 size. The sintered true base of the snowboard makes it glide over the snow more swiftly and at a faster rate.

It takes almost 2 days in the shipping of this snowboard and is available at a reasonable price. The demand of this snowboard is increasing day by day due to its efficiency.

2.      Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard and Men’s Summit Bindings – 9.8

The Camp Seven 2017 Valdez is a Chinese manufactured snowboard which is available only in black/white color. It is light weighted and has a smooth base to allow swift movement along the snow. It is very comfortable and smooth in functioning mainly because of the strap-in binding system.

It has an all mountain snowboarding style. It is safe to use and is preferred over other snowboards due to its firm grip on the ground. It is available at a reasonable price. It is made especially for men. The full-length EVA base pad creates a plush cloud like comfort while riding in even the choppiest terrain.

3.      GNU Billy Goat C3 Snowboard – 9.4

The 2017 Billy Goat Snowboard is sintered based 156 cm board which has aggressive dominant cambers combined with mild rocker between the feet of the user to increase the precision of the board on the snow surface. It has Magne-Traction edges which help the rocker in free style floating and to give incredible carvings.

It has twin chassis with a short tail and its slick shape helps in reducing the friction between the board and the surface. Hence, it is highly demanded by users truly interested in snowboarding.

4.      Rossignol One Magtek All Mountain Men’s Snowboard – 9.4

With an amazing design, the Rossignol One Magtek All Mountain seems to be one of the best snowboards for men. It is available in various sizes but it is recommended for expert level riders only. Why? This is because the flex is stiff which will bring somehow hard landings and only expert level riders can deal with that.

It is easy on the edges and easy to maneuver. The three sizes offered are 153cm, 156cm, and 159cm. choose the one which suits your height the most. The best part about this snowboard is the fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty.

5.      Rossignol XV Magtek Split + Voile Locks Splitboard Men’s – 9.4

Push through the snowy conditions in a smooth flow because this snowboard comes with a stiff flex. It has a nice and soft tail which makes it easier to get through the difficult turns as well. CBF2 base is a part of this snowboard which is why it is one of the most durable boards for men.

Hybrid camber rocker is there which will help you in having an extra pop off the wake so you can get higher and show off your skills as well. It is easy to turn yet it is made for the expert level riders only. The reason is because it is available in one size only and that is 167cm.

6.      Camp Seven Roots CRC Snowboard with Men’s APX Bindings – 9.3

Camp seven has their latest Roots snowboard right there for you which comes with an amazing pair of bindings as well to accommodate your feet well. There is a full rocker in the center and mild camber in the tip and tail which not only allow you to get higher but also helps you in smoother landings.

One of the best things is the bindings which are quite high in quality and user doesn’t have to spend extra time in getting the right bindings. It is available in 3 different sizes of 153cm, 158cm wide, and 159cm. The best part? You have a 3-year warranty for this snowboard.

7.      Ride DH 2 Snowboard – 9.3

Ride has made one of the best snowboards in the form of the DH 2 one since it comes with a stiff base that will help you in gliding through the snow in an easy manner. Other than that, there are New Pop Sidewalls that are much stronger than regular sidewalls. This ultimately adds to the durability of this snowboard.

It comes in one size only and that is 157cm wide which is fine for advanced users but a few intermediate level users can try it as well. Other than that, it comes with a fusion 4000 base that is a durable one and will make your snowboard last long.

8.      Yes. Public Snowboard – 9.1

YES. Pulic. This is the right snowboard by a young company called Yes. It has a radial outline which is suitable for practicing stunts and showing your skills. The true twin shape is another plus which basically means that you are going to have easy end-to-end transitions.

Being made of Poplar wood, it is quite strong and can run for a long period of time. The weight is 2.9kg and the best part is that it is made for beginners as well as intermediate level riders since it comes in 4 different sizes of 148cm, 151cm, 152cm wide, and 154cm.

9.      System DNR Snowboard and Summit Men’s Snowboard Package – 9.0

The System 2017 DNR Snowboard is known for its power and strong construction. Being a complete package, it is quite easy to use as it comes with boots and bindings both. DD2 core is a part of this snowboard which makes it quite low weight and easily controllable by the riders.

The good thing is that this snowboard is so strong that it is considered to be near bullet proof. Other than that, it comes with a 3-year warranty and isn’t much expensive which is why we believe users should get it.

10. K2 Subculture Men’s Snowboard – 9.0

With a hybrid-tech construction, the K2 2017 Subculture Men’s Snowboard is one of the best ones as it comes under the latest technology for snowboards. It is a freestyle board.

Coming with a precision lifted baseline, the snowboard becomes a great partner for those who look up to one board for using for a long time. It also helps in better edges and runs smooth on the snow.


Coming down to the main part of the story, men love snowboarding but if you want snowboarding to love you too, then you should get the right snowboard. We have listed down the Top 10 Men’s Snowboards in 2020. Just choose the right one after having a careful look on size and skill level and we are sure that you will have a great long-lasting experience.