Snowboarding is one of those sports which everyone must try once, and once on the board for the first time you won’t want to get off. The exhilarating fun that comes from roaring down a slope while picking up speed only to turn your ride into a trick or ending it with a jump is something no other sport gives you. For those looking to make the best use of winter sports must understand the type of snowboard you chose will make all the difference.

Freestyle snowboards are perfect for those looking for a joyful ride both in and out of the park. When comparing them to other types of snowboards, they’re easily the most versatile and are best suited for all types of riders. With no true disadvantage, freestyle snowboards lighter, shorter, flexible and have two tips.

The following review takes a closer look at the Top 20 Freestyle Snowboards in 2020 while disclosing all reasons why.

1. Yes. 20/20 Men’s Snowboard – 9.9

Hands down the best freestyle board out there is the Yes. 20/20 which is highly recommended board for male riders and has been dubbed as one of the best performance snowboards ever introduced. The Yes. 20/20 boasts everything a men’s snowboard should be including amazing visuals, great control and handling that allows you to own any type of snow.

This freestyle snowboard excels with its unique design which lifts the board through deeper snow and allows it to move through the backend of the board uninterrupted. The unique, innovative design features a Powderhull base profile boasting wider, blunt tips and a pronounced concave.

The visuals are amazing as the Yes. 20/20 features a wild style unlike any other board we’ve seen. Once on the board, it’s all about the ride which is where the 20/20 separates itself from the rest of the freestyle snowboards in this review. Scoring a 9.9 it’s easy to see why it’s our top choice this year and with a perfect 5-star Amazon rating, users tend to agree.

2. Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard – 9.8

Camp Seven introduced an amazing snowboard which is the 2017 Valdez. This stylish freestyle snowboard is the complete package which gives riders a competitive edge which includes the amazing men’s APX bindings and boots. Offering the perfect balance with a CRCX full rocker down the center which makes it possible to amazing float in powder and free riding.

This complete package comes with one of the lightest bindings we’ve ever seen. The System APX bindings are not only lightweight, but quite durable giving you years of enjoyment. The APX boots offer superior comfort allowing you to fully concentrate on your performance. The 2107 Valdez snowboard, well it’s in a class of its own highlighted by a DD2 With Edgelock construction which is lightweight and features a dual density core.

3. Rossignol Reserve Women’s Snowboard – 9.4

The Rossignol Reserve is a well-balanced board and aside from being one of the best in this review it’s also one of the top-rated women’s snowboards. The stylish board that is something hard to find in women’s boards comes in with a very affordable price tag which has helped give it a perfect 5-star consumer rating.

The Reserve is highlighted by a unique design which allows riders to take on all types of terrain with ease. Featuring a Radius Sidecut which allows you to carve through thick and thin snow while picking up speed throughout the ride. Rossignol proves that great value can be found in a performance minded freestyle snowboard which helps give it a 9.4 out of 10.

4. GNU Billy Goat C3 Snowboard – 9.4

GNY introduced the newest version of the Billy Goat C3 which improves on all aspects of the former model. The 2017 Billy Goat C3 is highlighted by an amazing profile C3 Camber Rocker Camber C3 BTX which takes it back to the way cambers were meant to be. Offering the perfect balance of a cambers which stretch to all contacts helps give experienced riders more control.

The 2017 Billy Goat C3 snowboard excels with huge take high speed lines, take offs and offering soft landings. Users have raved over the rocker’s performance giving users the freedom to freestyle with float and ridiculous carving. The Twin Chassis which stretches from contact to contact, but with a longer nose than the tail that’s a slight difference gives users just enough to float and blast at the same time.

5. Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard – 9.4

While the Rossignol XV Magtek is truly a splitboard, it’s freestyle aspects makes it worth mentioning among the year’s best. The versatility of this board makes it appeal to all types of users and offers well-balanced features allowing riders to take on all types of terrain. Available in two different sizes including 163 and 167cm, this splitboard was specifically introduced for riders looking for no boundaries.

The XV Magtek features a unique split powerhouse design and float that is virtually unsinkable. Giving users, a true freestyle ride giving riders the confidence to push deeper into the biggest, baddest and most remote mountains. If you’re looking to expand your freestyle riding into places you’ve yet to see, considering the Rossignol XV Magtek is a great place to start.

6. Camp Seven 2018 Dreamcatcher Snowboard – 9.4

The 2018 Dreamcatcher is a serious upgrade over the highly regarded 2017 model which is a refined look on one of the most celebrated women’s snowboards we’ve ever seen. This package is everything you need to take you snowboarding to a whole new level as it comes complete with women’s Mystic bindings which excels with amazing comfort, progression and ease of use.

The Camp Seven 2018 Dreamcatcher scores an impressive 9.4 out of 10 and looks to pick up where the 2017 model left off. Becoming one of the best-sellers for women riders, this Dreamcatcher features a CRCX rocker which offers amazing float and superior freestyle riding. The perfectly designed camber within the tip and tail eliminates catching from the edges while maintaining optimal edge to edge control.

7. Ride DH 2 Snowboard – 9.3

The DH 2 snowboard offers an intuitive sidewall technology which includes Popwalls and Ride’s patented Slimewall technology which takes snowboarding to a new level. Built with all riders and experience levels in mind, the DH 2 is not only simple to use, but provides performance features which allow experienced riders to hone in on their skills.

Ride has done a great job over the years introducing well-balanced snowboards and this is one more reason why. Some of the best features include a Hybrid Twin, Carbon Array 5, and Membrain top sheet, micro-camber zone and a tip and tail which boasts a micro-rocker. The downfall is the price which makes this freestyle snowboard best suited for diehard enthusiasts.

8. Yes. Public Snowboard – 9.1

Yes. Introduced another high-quality freestyle snowboard which defies logic. Coming in with one of the most respectable prices is the Public Snowboard which is highly recommended for beginners and experienced riders alike. Available in both 151 and 154 cm and a price that comes in much lower than comparable performance boards makes this a great buy.

The Yes. Public Snowboard claims the 8th spot in this review and brings with it a wood composite core which is durable and extremely lightweight. Highlight features include a True twin with Radial sidecut, Zero Cambe, mid-flex core profile, Biax Top, bottom glass with a Die Cut extruded base and much more have helped Yes. Introduced another amazing freestyle snowboard.

9. Rossignol Diva Magtek Women’s Snowboard – 9.0

For women riders looking for a board with a bit more flare, than meet the Diva Magtek. This Rossignol snowboard is available in 144 and 152 cm which are sizes to accommodate children and adults which has been dubbed as one of the best progressive boards out there. For beginners, this is a great buy as it offers a simple to use design allowing you to transition to a higher skill level without having to buy a new board.

The Rossignol Diva Magtek is a stiffer model which features a twin freestyle flex which assures a smooth, playful edge to edge transitions. Other attributes such as great pop and amazing grip give way to improved control and handling while coming down the slope. Rossignol introduced the Radcut in this model giving users perfect cuts seen at every speed with both conventional and reverse sidecuts to the tip and tail.

10. System 2018 DNR Snowboard and Men’s Summit Bindings – 9.0

The 2018 System DNR snowboard package includes one of the illusive new packages out there. Complete with the 2018 DNR snowboard and Summit bindings which were specifically designed for men and gives you everything you need to freestyle in style. Both the board and bindings are the perfect match for all types of riders with a lightweight and durable snowboard package that’s with an affordable price.

Available in numerous sizes including 147, 153, 156, 158 and 159 cm, the 2018 DNR will accommodate all ages and skill levels. When it comes to performance, the newest DNR snowboard features a RCR profile through the center of the board producing amazing power. The rockered tip and tail helps add float in all types of powder and eliminates edge catches.

11. Rossignol Myth Amptek All Mountain Women’s Snowboard – 9.0

Another highly regarded freestyle snowboard is the Myth Amptek which was specifically introduced for women, but is functional for all types of riders. Rossignol has become one of the biggest names in the business and if they keep introducing boards like this they’ll continue to be at the top. This board comes in three sizes which offers great versatility for beginners and experienced users alike.

The Rossignol Myth Amptek is dubbed as an All Mountain Snowboard, but offers the freestyle fun that users have come to expect. Featuring a TwinFreestyle flex which assures a simple ride in any direction you choose to slide. For those looking for park or pipe progression, it’s outfitted with a AmpTek edge control without catch.

12. System Timeless Snowboard and Summit Men’s Snowboard Package – 9.0

For men looking for the complete package, then the 12th option in this review is for you. System reinvigorated the Timeless snowboard for the 2017 model which includes an amazing set of Summit bindings which completes your ride. Highlighted by a 3D Core with Edgelock which allows you to hold any edge complimented with stringers and full tip to tail poplar.

System did it right with the 2017 Timeless snowboard which features a durable, but lightweight construction. The core construction is heralded as being the liveliest and strongest core introduced by System and will rival any core on the market. For those looking for amazing pop and making any sharp turn seem effortless, the 2017 Timeless will do all that, and much more.

13. Never Summer Funslinger – 8.9

Never Summer lives up to their reputation with the 13th board in this review which scores an impressive 8.9 out of 10. Considering how many freestyle snowboards we’ve reviewed, this model is one of the newest and looks to make its mark with all types of riders. The aggressive style is overshadowed with its amazing performance which gives users the ability to own any sloap.

The 2017 Funslinger boasts an aggressive styling pattern which appeals to all riders. Available in two sizes including 156 and 159 cm makes it best suited for experienced users not afraid to pay for what you really want. This board isn’t exactly an affordable model, but gives riders a competitive edge when comparing it with many other 2017 freestyle snowboards.

14. Burton Ripcord Men’s Snowboard – 8.9

The Burton Ripcord is another snowboard for men and is available in numerous sizes ranging from 145 – 162cm wide. Standout features include the flat top which gives users optimal stability and catch free riding thanks to the tail kick up and continuous edge control tip. The classic directional shape is something many riders have grown accustomed to while providing great float and flow.

The Ripcord snowboard also features as 5mm taper making the nose slightly wider than the tail. This gives riders a smoother ride into and out of turns, more stability with faster speeds, and more float in deeper snow rides. The Directional Flex gives off more pop in tail which improves control with all riding conditions and terrain.

15. Jones Mountain Twin Men’s Snowboard – 8.9

Jones introduced this 2016 Mountain Twin snowboard which is highly recommended for male riders. The 2016 model is still one of the best out there and has become a staple mark for manufacturers looking to introduce a high-performance model. This one board that does it all is the perfect option for versatile riders looking for a Mountain, Freeride, and freestyle snowboard.

The 2016 Mountain Twin was designed for riders looking to carve any mountain as if it was their own. This board offers great balance complete with an underfoot camber and Mellow Magne-Traction which gives users the ability to carving through hard pack and boosting off the halfpipe. At this price, this 2016 model is not for everyone, but makes everyone who uses it a better rider instantly.

16. Salomon The Villain Snowboard – 8.9

When Salomon introduced the 2017 Villain they seemed to do everything right. When looking at what this freestyle board has to offer it’s impossible not to notice the unique visuals which have become a fan favorite. Recommended for more experienced riders looking to own any mountain terrain which is highlighted by a Rock Out Camber profile which improves stability in between the bindings.

Helping keep the board lightweight is the Sintered EG base and Aspen SLCT which also improves glide through all types of snow. For added control, the 2017 Villain features Royal Rubber Pads which absorbs vibration which helps users land every landing with ease. Another great feature is the Edge Bevel which assures great shred and edge hold.

17. Ride Compact Women’s Snowboard – 8.8

Weighing in at just 10 pounds is another high-quality freestyle snowboard built specifically for women riders. Ride’s 2015 Compact offers subtle black, purple and blue graphics that look amazing as it’s floating above the snow. This 2015 model is a couple of years old, but is still regarded as one of the best options for women.

Standout features of the 2015 Compact include urethane Slimewalls technology and Ride’s exclusive LowRize rocker shape. This helps add a dimension of a smoother feel and hook free control which gives riders the freestyle action they’re looking for. Complete with a Foundation Core which is a Ride exclusive making it extremely durable for years of aggressive use.

18. Avalanche Source Men’s Snowboard – 8.8

The Source Snowboard from Avalanche is another great option for male riders and scores an 8.8 out of 10. Best suited for advanced riders thanks to the Rockery, Reverse Camber and features a price that comes in hundreds less than other similar featured snowboards. Fit for All Mountain and freestyle snowboarding, the Source is available in 150cm which is a great option for adult riders.

Avalanche may not be one of the largest manufacturers of snowboards, but they’ve earned the mark to be distinguished with all the best. The Source features a Directional/Li shape and a wood core construction which is lightweight and offers great carving ability. Other features include an extruded base, radial sidecut, and Cap sidewall.

19. Salomon Sight Men’s Snowboard – 8.8

When Salomon introduced the Sight, no one imagined it would be this big. Claiming the 19th spot in this review and earning an 8.8 out of 10, it’s easy to see why it’s earned a perfect 5-star Amazon consumer rating. This affordable freestyle snowboard is available in many sizes ranging from 150 – 162cm making it a great choice for all ages of male riders.

The Salomon Sight snowboard gives riders a great balance of edge control and a forgiving ride. Some of its best features include a solid rocker and camber, Cross Profile design, and an Aspen Strong Core which is not only durable, but extremely lightweight. At this price, you won’t go wrong and you’ll get plenty of years of rigorous use.

20. Camp Seven Root CRC and Flow Alpha MTN Men’s Snowboard Package

Rounding out this review is the Root CRC which is the complete snowboard package for men which includes the Alpha MTN Bindings. The bindings are only half the package, but have become well-known for being simple slip-in models which saves you the trouble of having to sit down and lace them up. The ExoFit Power Strap makes it easier than ever and replaces the traditional ratchets that we’ve all come to hate.

The Camp Seven Root CRC snowboard is a steal at this price and gives you a high-performance package best suited for male riders. Featuring a DD2 Core which is the lightest core we’ve seen in any Camp Seven snowboard and a Poplar that runs all the way from the tip to the tail. To cap it off, the Root CRC features stringers which run through the middle which improves responsiveness and pop.

Be sure to leave us as comment below if you have any questions regarding the best freestyle snowboards of 2020 and we welcome any input you have which help other snowboarders become better.