When it comes to winter sports, there is one that truly stands out for those looking for an exhilarating, fun filled ride. Snowboarding is just that sport that brings out the best in riders and transforms the environment into our own backyard. Riders of all different skill types take to the slopes in hopes of creating a unique experience that is unlike any other.

There are different types of snowboards that offer a unique ride and are best suited for different skill types. Whether you’re a beginner or a true avid snowboarder, choosing the right board makes all the difference. This is where it gets tricky as much time can be spent researching and learning about various features which helps make any rider better.

When it comes breaking down the Top 20 Snowboards in 2020 we’ve already done that which makes your decision to purchase a new board much easier.

1.      Rossignol Women’s Myth Amptek: All Mountain Snowboard – 10.0

Rossignol has put together quite an impressive lineup of snowboards for both men and women, but easily their best one yet is the Myth Amptek which is an All  Mountain Snowboard. This women’s board impresses all users and is highly recommended for all types of users with no variance in skill level. There’s no denying the board makes all the difference and ultimately makes any rider better which is what we stand behind.

The Rossignol Myth Amptek offers stunning visuals, but that’s only a fraction of why this snowboard stands out. Starting with the impressive Amptek Auto-Turn rocker/camber that makes picking up speed and landing stunts easier than ever. The single radius side cut makes for effortless floating on all types of snow and with a Twin Freestyle flex riders get the experience they’re looking for.

Scoring a perfect 10 out of 10 and boasting a 5-star consumer rating on Amazon, it’s easy to see why this is the snowboard for all women riders. At this price, you’ll never go wrong.

2.      Yes. 20/20 Men’s Snowboard – 9.9

Yes. Isn’t exactly the biggest name in snowboarding, but their easily one of the most respected. The 20/25 men’s snowboard is another which scores a perfect 5-star consumer rating and is best suited for experience riders. Featuring a weightless core which makes the impossible, possible with little to no effort is what riders have come to appreciate.

The 20/20 is a high-quality snowboard from tip to tail and is highlighted by a True Twin shape. This makes carving through any snow condition natural and with a 4/5 flex it makes for an effortless snowboarding experience. Giving riders the ability to own any type of slope with other features which include a sintered true base and Powderhull bend, it’s no wonder it claims the 2nd spot in this review.

3.      Nikita Women’s Sideway Sista Snowboard – 9.8

If you’re looking for a women’s snowboard that has no limits than Nikita introduced one that’s just for you. The Sideway Sista features electrifying pink and light blue graphics which riders have come to appreciate. Boasting a directional twin and Press-Sure rocker which were specifically designed by women riders for women riders. Offering a specialized level of experience, the Sideway Sista is super-light and offers a great deal of pop.

The Nikia Sideway Sista snowboard is available in both 150 and 153 cm with most riders preferring the longer board. The lightweight Press-Sure Rocker helps create a buttery smooth ride all the time and adds an element of stability and control thanks to the Equalizer 3. With artwork by Little Madi it’s hard not to imagine anything other than this true twin.

4.      Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard and Men’s APX Bindings and APX Boots – 9.8

Camp Seven is one of the largest manufacturers of snowboards and equipment and their introduction of the 2017 Valdez which comes complete with the men’s Summit Bindings is the best package out there. Scoring a 9.8 out of 10, this snowboard package offers everything a snowboarder needs without breaking the bank. The highly acclaimed APX bindings and boots are some of the most comfortable and stable options there are.

The 2017 Valdez is available in sizes ranging from 153 – 163 cm which are perfect for kids and adults alike. Highlighted by a CRCX full rocker down the center which helps to free your contact points which makes for catch free riding. If you’re looking for serious float with powder along with the mild camber in the tail and tip, then the newest Valdez is a great place to start.

5.      System 2018 Flite Snowboard with Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Snowboard Package – 9.8

The 2017 Flite snowboard comes complete with Mystic bindings and Lux Boots which is one of the best snowboard packages for women. Available in three sizes including 143, 146, and 149 cm, this snowboard was specifically designed for the way they ride while offering a lightweight core and perfect flex. This board comes highly recommended for progressive riders, newbies, and those looking to improve their confidence.

The newest System Flite snowboard is a serious upgrade over the 2017 model and boasts an affordable price tag. The Lux boots is one of System’s newest designs which are centered on the idea of improving comfort. The Mystic bindings makes for an effortless ride which allows the rider to concentrate on snowboarding in comfort with a full length EVA base pad which helps cushion and dampen any landing.

6.      GNU Billy Goat C3 Snowboard – 9.4

One of the perfectly balanced asymmetrical snowboards out there is the GNU 2017 Billy Goat C3. This board was introduced after years of production as GNU assured that everything was perfect for experienced and advanced level riders. Highlighted by a directional trapezoidal contact footprint which assures a perfect stance and body mechanics which allows riders to effortlessly carve the entire slope.

The 2017 Billy Goat C3 comes in highly recommended and weighs only 12 pounds. This lightweight freestyle snowboard offers riders a great deal of pop, stability, float, control and precision which makes owing any mountain effortless. Some of its best features include a EC2 BTX, Magne-Traction, UHMW sidewalls, and different colors to chose from.

7.      Rossignol XV Magtek Split + Voile Locks Splitboard Men’s – 9.4

The XV Magtek is hands-down one of the best splitboards ever produced. This is a bold statement considering how many they are, but one easy enough to back up considering how many riders would agree. This board was specifically introduced to change the boundaries on any mountain side, and it’s done just that.

This Rossignol splitboard features the AmpTek All-Mountain package which introduces more float and forgiveness for a true, effortless freestyle ride. The Magne-Traction which has been dubbed as the premiere traction for snowboards which offers premiere edge-holding technology which helps improve grip between the rider’s feet. Under the front of the board it’s super stiff and medium under the rear which means improved directional stability in any riding condition.

8.      Rossignol Reserve Women’s Snowboard – 9.4

Rossignol makes this review, this time with the Reserve which is a women’s snowboard that scores a 9.4 out of 10. The Reserve changes the scope of all-terrain snowboarding which is outfitted with a radius sidecut which makes for an effortless ride. The Wood Core ECO construction is extremely lightweight at 12 pounds which produces great float.

The Rossignol Reserve is highly recommended for all skill levels and was specifically introduced for women riders. Available in 148 cm, it offers the perfect balance for freeride and freestyle snowboarding. Other features include an easy 3.3K base and factory base finish which offers subtle, modern women’s graphics.

9.      Rossignol One Magtek All Mountain Men’s Snowboard – 9.4

Rossignol plays both sides of the fence pretty well as the One Magtek All Mountain snowboard is one of the best options for male riders. This board is available in many sizes ranging from 153 – 159 cm and is the perfect option for those seeking a longer snowboard. The highlight is in the rocker/camber which is an Aptek All Mountain variant which has received all types of awards.

Scoring 9.4 out of 10 and boasting all-positive consumer reviews, the One Magtek features a Magne-Traction (5s) sidecut along with a deep progressive Radcut. This makes for the perfect balance of grip which causes for an effortless All Mountain, freestyle ride which has helped make it one of the most popular men’s snowboards out there.

10. Camp Seven 2018 Dreamcatcher Snowboard with Women’s Mystic Bindings – 9.4

The Dreamcatcher series from Camp Seven is one of the most recognized women’s snowboards ever introduced. There’s a reason why this series has always been mentioned among the elite as the 2018 model improves on every facet of the award winning 2017 Dreamcatcher. This 2018 model gives you the complete snowboard package which includes Mystic Bindings specifically designed for women riders to maximize comfort.

The 2018 Camp Seven Dreamcatcher snowboard stands out from the rest thanks to its CRCX rocker and dominating camber profile. Designed to help make riders better and is a great snowboard for progressive riders at any location including the park, powder and groomers. Other features of the 2018 Dreamcatcher include a biax over biax laminates and a mild camber in the tail and tip.

11. Ride DH 2 Snowboard – 9.3

Ride makes their first appearance in this review for the best snowboards of 2018 with the DH 2 which is perfect for riders looking for a great deal of pop. The DH 2 is a great model with a high price which makes it best suited for diehard enthusiasts who are more experienced. Offering Pop Rods 2.0 which provides explosive pop which is something you just won’t find to this extent in most other freestyle snowboards.

The Ride DH 2 comes in at only 12 pounds and is recommended for both male and female riders. This freestyle snowboard helps satisfy those looking for the biggest rush down the slopes while offering a hook-free ride thanks to the micro rocker in both the tip and tail. DH incorporated upgraded technology in the sidewalls with the introduction of Pop Walls which combine carbon which has been proven over-time and Slimewall technology which is highly regarded.

12. Camp Seven 2018 Roots CRC Snowboard with Men’s APX Bindings – 9.3

For those looking for the complete package including the snowboard and a comfortable set of bindings, then the 12th option in this review is just for you. Camp Seven enhanced the 2017 Roots CRC as this package gives you the newer 2018 model along with APX bindings designed specifically for male riders. The men’s APX bindings are durable and extremely lightweight and were meant to withstand pro-level abuse.

The 2018 Roots CRC snowboard integrated the CRCX camber story which is a full rocker in the center of the board and a mild camber in the tail and tip. This gives way to a looser, max hold and freestyle ride which optimizes carving capabilities under any riding condition. The lightweight DD2 core is the lightest Camp Seven has ever offered which helps create explosive pop and response.

13. Yes. Public Snowboard – 9.1

Yes. Introduced the Public snowboard which deserves to be mentioned among the best snowboards this year which comes in with a very affordable price and is available in 151 and 154 cm. The shorter size gives riders a great deal of control and is highly recommended for all types of rider skill levels. This board is a great option for progressive riders and those looking to hone in on their skills while providing effortless, freestyle snowboarding.

Highlight features of the Public snowboard include a True Twin and Radial sidecut which makes for a natural, centered ride stance over the sidecut. Riders have noticed a denser ride when hitting the rails due in part to the wood core and Poplar stringers.

14. System DNR and APX Men’s Snowboard Package – 9.0

Another high-performance snowboard package for men is the 2017 System DNR which includes the APX bindings and shoes. This package yields one of the best looking options and brings out the best in skill for all types of riders. Perfect for freestyle snowboarding which offers the best in-class RCR profile which provides explosive power from the center of the board.

The 2017 DNR snowboard is a great upgrade over the 2016 model and boasts a rocker/camber profile set providing a great deal of pop, float and catch free riding. The middle camber provides plenty of energy when you need it the most for jumps, carves and rails. Bundled with the popular APX bindings which are super durable, lightweight and extremely comfortable.

15. K2 Subculture Men’s Snowboard – 9.0

K2 introduced the 15th snowboard in this review which was specifically designed for the rigors of male snowboarding. Fit for more advanced snowboarders, the 2017 Subculture comes in with a very aggressive price and is available in various sizes from 150 – 161 cm. Highlight features include a Precision Lifted baseline which is a K2 exclusive which is perfect for letting loose on larger terrain, at higher speed.

The 2017 Subculture is one of the newer snowboards from K2 which offers a great deal of stability and pop. Outfitted with a standard damping, Hybritech construction, Twin Hyper Progressive design and a ¾-inch setback stance are only some of the many features that make this freestyle snowboard standout.

16. Rossignol Myth Amptek All Mountain Women’s Snowboard – 9.0

For women snowboarders looking for an All Mountain Snowboard that pops, then considering this Rossignol model is a great place to start. The Myth Amptek is highlighted by the Amptek Auto-Turn rocker/camber which provides illusive pop which sets up an entertaining, freestyle ride. Helping riders boost their confidence is what Rossignol does so well and is what helps the Myth Amptek standout.

For women riders looking to get better instantly, the Myth Amptek features a TwinFreestyle flex which makes the ride easy to manipulate for sliding in any direction. Both pipe and park progression comes stock in this snowboard which features AmpTek edge control which has no catch. At this price you won’t you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better All Mountain Snowboard that looks this good and outperforms competitors.

17. System Timeless Snowboard and Summit Men’s Snowboard Package – 9.0

This 2017 System Timeless snowboard package which includes the men’s Summit bindings and shoes deserves the 9.0 out of 10 rating. Living up to its name and distinguishing itself as one of the best snowboard series, Timeless has proved this time and time again. The 2017 model gets some subtle enhancements which include the 3D Core with Edgelock which is the strongest System core to date.

The 3D Core features a full tip to tail poplar along with stringers made of high-density material which run down the center of the board and along each rail. The 2017 Timeless snowboard package also includes the Summit Bindings and APX boots which both offer a simple, classic styling package and a great deal of comfort.

18. Rossignol Diva Magtek Women’s Snowboard – 9.0

The Diva Magtek snowboard by Rossignol is another women’s snowboard that deserves to be mentioned. Highlighted by bright, colorful and vibrant graphics, the Diva Magtek pops when moving down the slopes. Highlighted by RadCut, MagTek and a twin freestyle flex which is slightly stiffer than most which offers a joyful experience with smooth edge to edge transitions.

Rossignol has made quite a name for themselves over the years and it’s snowboards like this being the reason why. The versatility of this board makes it perfect for beginners and more experienced snowboarders which have been dubbed as one of the best progressive snowboards for women out there. Other features include glass fibers, 40/60 rocker/camber, Magne Traction, and Radcut which is a Rossignol exclusive.

19. Burton Ripcord Men’s Snowboard – 8.9

The Ripcord is Burton’s best snowboard ever introduced and one of the best this year. This freestyle snowboard offers a great price range with numerous sizes to choose from between 145 and 162 cm wide. This freestyle snowboard was specifically created for male riders which offer great stability, improved balance, and a catch free release.

The Burton Ripcord features a directional shape which has become a classic seen in most high-quality boards. The 5mm taper is what most people envision in a snowboard which includes a nose that’s wider than the tail. Offering greater pop with a directional flex and it features a 800G core which is FSC certified.

20. Never Summer Funslinger Snowboard – 8.9

Finishing out this review is the 2017 Funslinger which is a snowboard from Never Summer. This board comes highly recommended for advanced and experienced riders and those who intend putting in hours at the slopes. Coming in at the higher end of the price range, the 2017 Funslinger isn’t for everyone unless you’re looking to maximize your entire snowboarding experience.

Never Summer is one of the smaller names, but this doesn’t mean they don’t what it takes to be great. Available in 156 and 159 cm, the newest Funslinger boasts unique graphics which will have you stand out on any mountain. Featuring a high-performance camber which gives you a great deal of pop, float, and speed, it’s no wonder it’s received a perfect 5-star consumer rating.

If you’re looking for more info on the best snowboards of 2020 feel free to drop us a comment below.