Rossignol is one of the best snowboards manufacturers in the world and designs boards which are suitable for all the different types of users. This includes both male and female and it also includes different skill riders such as beginners, intermediates and professional ones.

If you are also interested in having a Rossignol snowboard, you have reached the right spot. After careful analysis, we have the Top 10 Rossignol Snowboards in 2020 for you and you can choose the one which suits your requirements the most. Get them from once you select yours!

1.      Rossignol Women’s Myth Amptek: All Mountain Snowboard – 10.0

Specially designed for women, this snowboard has a single radius side cut to shape. The even flex pattern will provide you with a versatile ride. Due to the soft flex of this snowboard, you can get the feel of freestyle while riding. This board has an AmpTek Auto Turn Rocker which features a softer waist and tips.

This way, you can easily perform many great tricks easily and have a joyful ride in any snow condition. The glass fiber lamination and the Wood 5620 core makes this snowboard stronger and durable. Your ride will not be interrupted due to the obstacles that might hit your board because of the ABS sidewalls. It also keeps the core safe from moisture.

2.      Rossignol Reserve Women’s Snowboard – 9.4

Women often feel difficult to ride a snowboard as compared to men but what matters is how well the company caters to such difficulties. In such a situation, the reserve women wakeboard is a great one which is stable and has a much better grip than other snowboards due to the amazing sidewalls construction.

Mainly designed for beginners and intermediate riders, women can easily learn this snowboard. Other than that, rocker profile is camber rock which is a great one for providing a good amount of pop. Available in 4 different sizes, you can get the size you wish to easily.

3.      Rossignol XV Magtek Split + Voile Locks Splitboard Men’s – 9.4

The splitboard version of this snowboard makes sure your freestyle riding is taken to another level. It features an Amptek All-Mountain rocker which has a positive camber from insert to insert with a medium portion of reverse camber in each end. This feature makes it perfect for the mountain riders.

The lamination of glass fiber makes sure this snowboard stays strong and can be used for many years. The riders can easily perform many great tricks with this snowboard and make their rides more interesting and fun. The base of the board is wide enough to stay stable throughout the ride.

4.      Rossignol One Magtek All Mountain Men’s Snowboard – 9.4

If you are a woman but not a beginner snowboard rider, then this board has been designed for you. It is for all those advanced level women who can ride a snowboard expertly and play many tricks and show off the stunts. It comes with the Amptek rocker which increases the stability and provides an effortless grip to the rider.

Other than that, there is a symmetrical flex from tip to tail which allows you for better edge to edge transitions. It is speedy yet a safe one so have no hesitation while getting this one because this is the right one. 144cm, 148cm, and 152cm sizes are available so choose the one which suits you best.

5.      Rossignol Diva Magtek Women’s Snowboard – 9.0

With the AmpTek Freestyle rocker, you will be provided with 40% of the rocker and 60% of the camber. Due to this, you can easily ride in all types of snow condition, be it a rough terrain or soft snow. For an aggressive ride and support on landings, the flex is made stiff.

This snowboard is laminated with glass fiber, basalt, and aramid which help to keep the weight light, dampen the vibrations, and make it stronger. Due to the Wood CBF2 core, you will experience greater speeds and maximum stability. This snowboard is designed for women of advanced to expert levels.

6.      Rossignol Myth Amptek All Mountain Women’s Snowboard – 9.0

Another great one for women riders by Rossignol is this snowboard. It provides the best performance in the rough trains and can be used to teach the art of snowboarding to any beginner. Being versatile and amazing in its performance, the users purchase it.

The amptek technology and the combination of an amazing rocker provide the users with maximum stability as well as good level of pop when it comes to riding. The flex rate is 4 and it has been crafted out of wood. 139, 144, 149 and 154 are the 4 different sizes available in this snowboard.

7.      Rossignol One MagTek Snowboard – 8.7

A snowboard should provide a good experience to the user so that the user is able to develop its trust in the brand. The one snowboard by Rossignol is going to provide a great snowboarding experience to the users since it comes with the Magtek which shall provide the riders with maximum grip and good control on the turns.

Being quite flexible, it allows the users to have a softer landing when performing stunts. It is mainly designed for intermediate level riders which is why it has been crafted in 153cm, 156cm, and 159cm sizes. Without compromising on the durability, it provides a solid edge grip to the user.

8.      Rossignol Amber Women’s Snowboard – 8.5

Made for both advanced and intermediate level women riders, this is one of the best snowboards in the industry. The stance setback is 5cm and the core is wooden which means it is quite strong. The shape is directional twin which is fine.

Whether you are going for a mountain ride or a park ride, this snowboard is going to be the best one. The weight is optimum and the base is 3D stone structured to eliminate friction.

9.      Rossignol Frenemy Magtek Women’s Snowboard – 8.3

40-percent camber in between the feet and a bit of rocker are the best things about this snowboard since both features enhance the durability and long life of this snowboard. It provides both, a smooth ride as well as stability.

Being made from poplar wood and laminated with fiber glass, you can feel the fact that this snowboard has some good strength. It has a 4400 Sintered Base and available in 4 sizes of 144, 147, 150, 153.

10. Rossignol Trickstick AmpTek Snowboard – 8.3

The Rossignol Trickstick AmpTek Snowboard is specially designed for intermediate and advanced riders. It features an AmpTek Auto Turn which means it has 80% rocker and 20% camber. Due to this, it becomes easier for the rider to move the board without putting in too much effort.

The softer flex of this snowboard allows the rider to have a freestyle feel. The glass fiber lamination keeps the board stronger and adds more durability to it. You will love the design of this snowboard and the ability of performing tricks it provides you with


The Top 10 Rossignol Snowboards in 2020 are probably among our top 100 list of all time as well. This is one of the main reasons why you should be choosing a snowboard from these for buying. Once you make up your mind, get it from