Many people prefer some specific brands for some specific products. They believe that these brands are the best ones in the industry and they can be quite amazing at times. The statement is true to major extents since many brands have already made their way into a successful consumer market with a major market share in their respective industries.

The same can be the case of snowboard industry where Salomon makes some of the best snowboards of the industry. Many people Salomon’s snowboards since they are good when it comes to quality and overall performance. If you are also interested in having the Best Salomon Snowboards in 2020, then you need to look at the following review which could help you find a board according to your requirements.

1.      Salomon The Villain Snowboard – 8.9

The 2017 Villain is the tough villain when it comes to performance. It is basically designed for advanced and intermediate level riders so beginners need to avoid it. It comes with a poppy core which makes it easier for the rider to play some tricks or show some stunts. Turn anywhere, spin like you wish, and jump like you want because everything is easy if you are dealing with the villain.

It has a twin shape which means it is quite easier to shift from tip to tail as well. Maximum stability and effortless grip are thus a guaranteed part of this snowboard. The camber profile is rock camber which provides a better balance to the rider along with extra pop. The best part? You can get this snowboard in 7 different sizes so choosing the wrong size is no longer going to happen. You will also get a 2-year warranty with this board.

2.      Salomon Sight Men’s Snowboard – 8.8

Precision control and a super attractive design are two of the best things about this snowboard. It has a quadratic side cut which makes it easier for the rider to have sharp turns and edges. The first board was available in 7 sizes but this board is available in 9 different sizes which ranges for all levels from beginner to intermediates. The sizes available are 147cm, 150cm, 153cm, 155cm, 156cm, 158cm, 159cm, 162cm, and 166cm.

The company provides a 2-year warranty with this one which is basically a way to tell the customers that the snowboard has some quality-assurance. The flex is soft which might be liked by the beginners as well as intermediate level riders but the advanced riders might not like it. The wooden core makes it strong and durable for years to come. There is a Cross Profile Rocker type for better control.

3.      Salomon Split Splitboard – 8.3

One of the best snowboards by Salomon and one of the most sold boards is this one. It is made for all those motivated riders who are prepared for the winter recreational activities. It comes with a flat out rocker profile which helps you ride the back country conditions as well. This makes it a great one since many other snowboards in the market are not capable enough of doing all this.

Being made from strong Aspen SLCT core, this snowboard is going to be a tough one and it can resist the rough usage as well. The weight is 7.3 pounds only which makes it easier to control. On a scale of 1 to 10, the flex has been rated on a 6. We can call it a medium one. There is a Biaxial medium density fiberglass used while the base is made of Sintered EG both of which enhance the strength and durability of this snowboard.

4.      Salomon Official Snowboard – 7.9

The material of a snowboard should be lightweight for better control but not too low on weight that the user is unable to maintain control and the snowboard sinks in the snow. Well, this one is the first case where the weight is low due to the Ghost Green core. Carefully carved and sustainable wood has been used in crafting this snowboard which makes it a suitable one for the users.

The warranty period provided is 2 years which will give you a peace of mind while purchase. This board is quite responsive and playful as well. Fiberglass layers lamination enhances the strength and keeps it safe from scratches.


The conclusion is quite simple. Salomon is one of the best companies when it comes to snowboards. If you want yours, choose the right one from Best Salomon Snowboards in 2020 and get it purchased from because good things often don’t last long in stocks.