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Nikita Chickita Women’s Snowboard Review

People who have just taken up snowboarding might be in search of a reliable snowboard. After all, it is the most important factor in the experience of a leisurely sport. Nowadays, not only young children but men and women also equally enjoy the snowboarding. Therefore, Nikita recently launched …

Nikita Kristall Women’s Snowboard Review

Snowboarding is a relatively new yet increasingly popular sport among the northern areas. It provides a leisurely experience to people who cannot enjoy many other outdoor sports because of climate conditions. A reliable snowboard is however, not a luxury but a necessity for this sport. The core and …

Nikita Women’s Sideway Sista Snowboard Review

Snowboarding is a global giant in winter sports, and has long been a popular recreational activity in mountainous areas of colder climates as well as major Olympic and Paralympic sport. It’s a fun-filled and thrilling way to get that adrenaline rush by gliding down a snowy slope on …