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Ride 2015 Compact Women’s Snowboard Review

Keeping in mind the rise of popularity of snowboarding among women, many companies jumped into the competition of being best manufacturer of women snowboard.  One of the top contenders is Ride, who have earned their spot by introducing extraordinary women snowboards. One of their best inventions is the …

Snow Daze Beginner’s Snowboard with Rope Handle Review

Beginner’s snowboards are hard to find because many companies mainly focus on producing quality products for intermediates or advanced persons. However, Snow Daze Company came up recently with Snowboard for beginners. These Snowboards are designed particularly to help beginners in easily learning the sport of snowboarding. The Snow …

EMSCO Graffiti Kids Snowboard Review

Snowboarding isn’t only made for adults but also for the kids. They enjoy riding their snowboards and playing in the snow more than an adult would. For this reason, EMSCO has designed a snowboard for children aged 5 to 7. The EMSCO Graffiti Kids Snowboard is very user …