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Salomon Split Splitboard Review

Winter sports are a popular recreational activity, with millions participating in the adrenaline filled experience every year. It’s fair to say that the sport has taken the world by storm, with many countries hosting annual tournaments and competitions in the different categories of the same sport. In many …

EmscoGroup 1069-4-1 Graffiti Snowboard Review

Snowboarding is one of the biggest winter sports on the planet, long been considered a fun-filled and adventurous recreational activity as well an on official Olympic event that hosts annual tournaments and competitions around the world. As a result, the sport is taken very seriously. So much so …

Salomon 2017 The Villain Snowboard Review

Passionate about riding in parks and on snowy fields? Do you like to ride and pop on the thrilling snow-capped slopes? Then you should be searching for a snowboard that makes your way through slopes with ease and fun. This snowboard for all those, who love to pop …

Rome Shank Youth Snowboard Review

Whether it is street session or laps in the park, the Rome Shank Youth Snowboard will allow you to solely focus on snowboarding instead of disturbing you with minute troubles. It will make your ride smooth and you don’t have to put too much effort while performing snowboarding …

Rome Butter Knife Men’s Snowboard Review

It is difficult to satisfy the professional snowboarders as they know every inch of snowboards. They are aware that which features will assist them during snowboarding and which will just act as a hindrance. The Rome Butter Knife Men’s Snowboard has been successful in satisfying many of its …