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Nikita Chickita Women’s Snowboard Review

People who have just taken up snowboarding might be in search of a reliable snowboard. After all, it is the most important factor in the experience of a leisurely sport. Nowadays, not only young children but men and women also equally enjoy the snowboarding. Therefore, Nikita recently launched …

Nikita Kristall Women’s Snowboard Review

Snowboarding is a relatively new yet increasingly popular sport among the northern areas. It provides a leisurely experience to people who cannot enjoy many other outdoor sports because of climate conditions. A reliable snowboard is however, not a luxury but a necessity for this sport. The core and …

NIKW4 Sideway Sista Snowboard Review

The NIKW4 Sideway Sista Snowboard is an all mountain snowboard which provide you with a memorable ride. For giving you an effective edge, the rocker profile is mellowing towards the nose and tail of the snowboard. No matter you are having a ride on fresh snow or decided …

Rossignol Diva Magtek Women’s Snowboard Review

Passionate about snowboarding on a snowy field? Do you like to ride and pop on the thrilling snow-capped slopes? Then you should be searching for a snowboard that makes your way through slopes with ease and fun. It’s not that only men can enjoy a freestyle on harsh …

Ride 2015 Compact Women’s Snowboard Review

Keeping in mind the rise of popularity of snowboarding among women, many companies jumped into the competition of being best manufacturer of women snowboard.  One of the top contenders is Ride, who have earned their spot by introducing extraordinary women snowboards. One of their best inventions is the …

Ride 2016 Rapture Women’s Snowboard Review

With growing popularity of snowboarding among women, many companies have started introducing snowboards which are constructed to fulfill the requirement of women snowboarders. As a result, it becomes difficult for the customer to choose a snowboard. The Ride 2016 Rapture Women’s Snowboard is the perfect solution for women …